Tech Talk – Michael H

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Tech Talk is a series highlighting a member of the Gophermods Family. Today we have Michael H. from Gophermods Woodbury 1. Where are you from? I live in St. Paul Minnesota 2. What is do you do at Gophermods? I am  the Assistant Store manager at St. Anthony and Woodbury. I also assist in managing the [...]

8 things you should know about iPhone SE

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In March Apple unveiled the iPhone SE, a successor to the aging iPhone 5S. The SE is Apple’s most affordable iPhone to date, but still maintains flagship levels of performance like the iPhone 6S. Here are 8 things that you should know about the iPhone SE 1. You can use your iPhone 5/5S accessories with it. [...]


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Apple’s mobile operating system has been something of a mixed bag this year. While iOS 9 has added new features and extra functionality(like Night Shift) it has also had its share of bugs and glitches. Examples of this would be poor battery life, lost touch sensitivity or poor cellular connectivity. It’s latest version 9.3.2 has had [...]

Top Five Rumors about the 2016 Google Nexus

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Top Five Rumors about the 2016 Google Nexus As Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P near their first birthdays, the rumor mill for Google’s 2016 offering heats up. The points featured below are based off of speculation and hypothesis. Obviously at this point since nothing is confirmed to be final, take everything with a grain of salt. [...]

Sharp and Foxconn – An Unlikely Marriage?

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When Foxconn finalized it’s acquisition of Sharp in late April, it brought to mind a few interesting ideas that could happen in the next few years. Sharp has been a supplier for screens on Apple’s iPhones for years. Foxconn, one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world is the producer of the iPhone. The combining [...]