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  Motorola Droid Razr Ultra Water Damage Repair Service


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Repair Details:

Did you recently jump in the pool? Drop your phone in the toilet, or a cup of water?

Now does it not power on, or fail to connect to a computer? Then we need to repair it!

Ship your phone into our repair center to have it professionally repaired, warrantied and shipped to you quickly.

Includes: The water damage repair service includes full diagnostics and ultrasonic cleaning.

Water Damage Disclaimer:

In the event we are unable to repair your water damaged phone, there is a non-refundable fee of $29.99 for shipping and labor. **If express shipping is purchased, a lesser amount is refunded**.

Frequent Repair Questions & Help

Q. How much will my repair cost and what is done to my phone?

The diagnostic price includes a non-refundable fee that includes a complete cleaning of your phone and round trip UPS ground shipping. Any additional parts will be an added fee.

Scenario 1: We are able to repair your phone without any additional parts, you owe us nothing additional. The $49.99 is all you pay.

Scenario 2: We are able to repair your phone, but additional parts are required. The $49.99 plus the cost of parts is your total.

Option (1) - In the event you do not want the phone repaired or it is irreparable, all that is required is $29.99. You will receive a refund of $20.00 and we will ship your device back.

Option (2) - We recycle your phone and you receive a refund of $49.99.

Q. I have important and private information stored on my phone, will it be deleted or looked at?

All your data and information stored on your phone will still be there. Your phone memory is not erased and your phones data will be returned to you the same way it was received. Additionally, we offer a 100% data privacy guarantee.

Section (A) Capabilities we must test: Front/Back Camera, Speakers, Docking port, Wi-Fi, Home Button, Volume Buttons, Lock Buttons, and all touchscreen zones.

In the event the phone is pass code protected, we do request that the code be provided in order to test the unit.

Q. Do I receive my original phone back and how long does it take?

Of course! Compared to sending your phone into the manufacture for repairs. This repair service you select guarantees you will receive your original phone back, we repair your original and have it shipped back to you within three business day.

Q. I just finished my repair order online, what do I do now?

Once completing an order online through our web site. You will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address you provided us. Simply print the free UPS ground shipping label we provided, package the unit up, and drop it off at a UPS shipping location. That is it!

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