19 Jun / 2017

7 Important Facts about iOS 11

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7 Important Facts about iOS 11 iOS 11 was unveiled at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference earlier this month. With the next version of iOS out in the hands of developers, I was able to get my hands on it early before it is released to the public. These are my impressions. The device I am using, is a 64GB iPhone SE which features Apple’s A9 cpu, and 2 GB of ram, which is only 1 generation behind the A10 Fusion Quad Core cpu in the iPhone 7. The new lock screen. The lock screen [...]

27 Feb / 2017

Tech Talk – John M

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Tech Talk is a series highlighting a member of the Gophermods Family. We presented each of our technicians, managers and employees with a series of questions. These are their answers. Today our guest is John McDonough, our very own MacGuyver. 1.Where are you from? Born and raised in Apple Valley, MN currently live in St. Paul, MN 2.What do you do at Gophermods? I'm the Inventory Manager and Hardware Development Lead at Gophermods. 3. What is your favorite phone to repair and why? The Galaxy S5 is one of my favorite phones to repair. Let me rephrase that, “My favorite screen to replace” [...]