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Our skilled technicians will diagnose the issue and offer a quick, efficient and reasonably priced solution. As a locally owned Minnesota company, our customers are our highest priority. You can trust that we’ll fix the problem quickly and get you back to work as soon as possible.

Whether you need a cracked screen fixed on a laptop or need a new hard drive for your desktop, we’ll help make sure your device is up and running smoothly again.

Most Popular Computer Repairs

Operating System Install/Reformat

Reformatting and installing an operating system (OS) can range anywhere from $49 to $99.

In certain cases, the technician would be able to fix the issue with a simple reinstall / reformat. However, there can be instances when the technician might need to replace your hard drive if the source of our Operating System error is HDD related.

Hard Drive Replacement

Replacing a hard disk drive (HDD) can cost anywhere between $149 to $299.

Much of the cost depends on the type of HDD you require for your computer system.

A 320 GB Western Digital 2.5″ laptop drive would only cost around $50, while the cost of reinstallation would come to $99. A fair estimate for the cost depends on the amount of GBs (storage) you would like. In 2022 the cost per GB of storage is around ten cents per GB. So take the amount of GB you would like, plus $100 for labor as a rough estimate.

SSD Replacement / Upgrade

The cost of upgrading and replacing a solid-state drive (SSD) can range from $149 to $399.

However, similar to a HDD, this price depends on the type of SSD you are looking for your computer.

A 128GB SSD would cost around $159, the cost of a 1TB SSD can come up to around $219. Pricing do vary, since we charge cost of parts, one day a quote can be $219, the next day $209 depending on the current market price for SSDs.

Additional Reading: SSDs vs HDDs: Why You Need to Upgrade to Solid State Drive

An SSD improves boot time, file transfer speeds, and multitasking performance. It will also extend battery life on your laptop. With an SSD, you can enjoy faster processing of applications, files, and folders. You’ll have a much better overall computing experience compared to having an HDD installed in your PC.

Upgrade your computer storage today with an SSD! Get a quote.

Data Recovery

We are able to recover all file types and formats such music files, documents, photos, videos, emails, and other files.

This service is great if you don’t want to fully repair your broken laptop, or desktop, and only need to access critical files, documents or old information. For example, your repair quote comes in at $400, but the only reason you want to fix it is for the files. Then this is a great alternative to repairing, and only recovering what is of value to you.

Motherboard Replacement

The cost of replacing a motherboard can range from $199 to $599 (or even more).

The price variations in this service are high, as it depends on the type of computer, specs, age, and performance. Computer manufactures DO NOT SELL the motherboard. Therefore, if you have a new computer that is less than twelve months old, it will still be under warranty. You should look to replace it under warranty from your manufacture.

However, if it is older than twelve months, in the first two years, the only way to source a replacement motherboard is to purchase another new computer, and utilize the motherboard As a result, this is why motherboard repairs for computers in the 1 – 2 year range can be very expensive.

High-end MacBook motherboard repairs range from $400 to $800 in parts cost alone. Add to it around $100 as labor costs, and you will get your total repair service cost.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Replacing a laptop screen can cost anywhere between $149 to $799.

Dell XPS Laptop Display Example

Most laptop screen replacement are quite straightforward, however every laptop screen is different.

For example, you could purchase a Dell XPS 13 with four different screens. Most laptop screens are unique per model and combine that with estimated 277 million laptops sold in 2021, there is no way of knowing which screen you would need, without additional information.

As a result, this is why we often ask for a serial number of your laptop so we can look up your build specs on your unit to more accurately and effectively quote you for a screen replacement.

  • Frequently Asked Question: Does the size of the crack or damage matter? Great question, but no it does not.  Unlike glass windows, or car windshields, there are no “spot repairs,” it does not matter if you only have a small amount of damage, or a big one, screens must be completely replaced.

The higher-end laptops like the MacBooks, glass touchscreens, or bezel(less) displays contain specialty screens, and their cost of screen replacement can vary according to the models. To obtain the total cost for laptop screen replacement, please send us the serial number along with the make of your laptop and we will provide a quote.

Power Jack Repair

The cost for repairing the computer’s power jack can range from $129 to $199.

Much of it depends on whether the power hack is attached to a flex cable harness or is soldered directly to your motherboard.

This is one of the few repairs where the majority of the cost for the power jack repair service goes into the labor cost, given the complexity of the job. Most Power Jacks are only $10 – $20 in parts, but often very labor intensive. Regardless of how much labor is involved, we make our pricing easy with a flat rate labor charge of $99.

Keyboard Replacement

The cost of replacing a laptop keyboard can range from $129 to $299.

The most significant cost driver and a differentiator amongst keyboard replacements are if just the keyboard can be replaced, versus having to replace the entire “palmrest” of the laptop. 

Specific models are very repair friendly and allow you to painlessly replace the keyboard assembly; others, not so much. They would require practically everything you see on the top side of the laptop where your hand’s rest, thus why it is called a “palmrest.”

Depending on the extent of the damage if only a few keys are damaged, we often can just replace the specific keys, but that is tough to tell without a visual inspection.

Virus Removals

The cost of removing the virus from the device can range from $99 to $199, depending on the level of complexity.

However, it is essential to note that in rare cases, the viruses cannot be wholly resolved without an entire factory restore (wiping everything) and losing all data.

Memory/RAM Upgrade

Upgrading the memory of the computer can cost you around $99 to $299.

It mostly depends on the amount of memory you already have in your computer and the amount you want to upgrade it to.

It also depends on the computer where many Memory / RAM models are now integrated directly on to your computer motherboard, meaning it cannot be upgraded 🙁 .

The best way to find out if we can do it is using a website like Crucial.

They have a free tool that can scan your computer, or you can enter your computer and they will tell if you can upgrade your memory.


It is always a good idea to know some basics of troubleshooting simple problems yourself. However, when it comes to complicated problems, it is best to leave it to the experts.

In the aforementioned sections, we have provided you with a broad range of the repair costs for the most common services availed for fixing your computers. These are provided only as estimates and education for self-diagnosing to help prepare you for the costs that maybe associated with your repair.

If you are looking to get your computer repaired, you can always walk into any of the Gophermods locations in Minnesota and talk to our technicians yourself. Alternatively, you can email us with your query, and we will be happy to help you out and provide you with an estimate for the desired service.

How much does it cost to fix my computer?

The cost of repairing a problem largely depends on the problem and model computer. If you are looking for an exact price for your service, you can contact us with the form to the right (or below if mobile), and we would be happy to provide you with a quote for the computer repair service.

Parts: Costs of parts contribute to the largest portion of repair costs. Replacement screens and motherboards being the most expensive. Our pricing is simple and transparent for parts. These are neatly organized on your invoice or estimate for your viewing. We do not hide our parts cost anywhere throughout the service.

Labor: Tech costs contribute to a small portion of the repair costs. Our labor fee for computer repair services is a flat rate of $99, regardless if we spend one hour or four hours resolving the issue.

Total cost ultimately depends on the issue, age, and brand of your computer. Newer models tend to be more expensive as parts are less readily available.

Common Issues & Solutions

No Power / Not Turning On

The first and the most obvious sign of trouble with your computer is when it does not turn on at all. However, before bringing it in for repair, you must conduct some checks on it.

First, make sure that there is sufficient power supply in your premises as it could be problems with the power supply that could be contributing to the issue.

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If the problem is not resolved even after these checks, then you can be sure that it is a problem of power failure. You can bring it in for repair, where a technician would conduct a check on the parts or replace the cords.

Possible Solutions: Power Supply, Battery, Power Jack, AC Adapter.

Computer is Running Slow

Most computers do tend to slow down over time. At other times, even new computers show signs of slowing down because of many applications running in the background.

You do not have to bring the computer in for repair at the first sign of slowing down. There are certain checks you can perform at home, like the Windows Performance Monitor, or you can check the health of your hard drive. A hard drive that has very little capacity remaining can cause a computer to slow down, and programs to open more slowly. or a It could also be the speed of the internet that is affecting the computer.

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However, if your computer is loading slow even after ruling out these possibilities, it is important to bring it in for repair.

Possible Solutions: HDD, Memory/RAM, Windows Reinstall, Virus Removal

Randomly Freezes and Restarting

A freezing computer can be very frustrating, especially when you are in the middle of some important work. If the computer randomly restarts in such a case, you might end up losing all your important data.

If you are noticing that your computer screen randomly freezes from time to time or shuts down all of a sudden, you should bring it in for repair.

Possible Solutions: HDD, Memory/RAM , Windows Reinstall, Power Supply, Motherboard

Programs Not Opening

There can be instances when a program is not opening on your computer, even after clicking on it repeatedly. There could be two reasons behind this. It is possible that the file you are trying to open is corrupted now. It is also possible that you may have accidentally deleted a part of the program you are trying to open. If the program was working a while back and suddenly started malfunctioning, you can try restarting your system to see if the problem is solved. If the problem persists after ruling out all the possibilities, it would be wise to bring the computer for repair.

Possible Solutions: HDD, Memory/RAM, Windows Reinstall, Virus Removal

Pop-up Messages flooding your screen

Pop-up messages are bound to come up on the screen from time to time when you are browsing the internet. However, if you find that your computer screen is flooded with pop-up messages all of a sudden, then there is a chance that your system has been infected by a virus. If the pop-up messages are not closing down even after clicking on them and are interfering with your work, it would be a wise idea to get it checked by an experienced professional.

Possible Solutions: HDD, Memory/RAM, Windows Reinstall, Virus Removal

Fan Grinding Noises or Sounds

When your computer starts making strange noises, it is an obvious sign of some issue with the system. We usually tend to think that it is the fan when a computer starts producing noises. However, problems can stem from many other areas besides the fan. Sometimes, your hard drive can also produce a clicking sound, which is indicative of some problem. If this clicking sound persists until you turn the computer off, it would be a good idea to bring it in for repair. An expert would be able to determine the source of the noise more accurately.

Possible Solutions: HDD, Memory/RAM, Windows Reinstall, Virus Removal

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a computer?

A common question we receive is whether they should repair their computer or replace it.

Before making any decisions on the matter, it is best to get a quote for the type of repair service you want.

In addition, we’re always more than happy to help you through these questions. We often see computers 10+ years old in our shop, and we recommend fixing them, and we also see computers that are 60 days old and we recommend not fixing them. So each scenario is different, as is each person but below is a good framework.

After you have a rough idea about the repair costs, you need to consider:

  • Compare it with the original price of the computer (your purchase price)
  • What would be the resale price of the computer after it has been repaired
  • How far down the line are you planning to resell it
  • Could I sell my computer as-is now on eBay? –> We’ll be writing a guide on how-to do this soon!
  • How much would it cost you to replace it with a similar or better model?

The next thing you need to look into is the price of buying a new computer, including the accessories. By taking all these things into consideration, you would be able to make a better decision about replacement or repair.

Which repairs are typically not worth the investment?

Scenario One: Any type of computer repair service that costs 50 percent more than it would cost for replacing the device is generally not considered worth the investment.

Now, this is our formula, but that can change depending on your circumstances. The most common fixes that fall under this worst case scenario / wouldn’t recommend are motherboard replacements.

Screens, HDDs, Keyboard, Software, Power Ports,  are usually always much more cost-effective to repair than replace.

For Example: If the motherboard repair cost of your old computer comes up to around $300, while you can buy a new computer for $500, it would be wiser to go with the option of replacement.

Unless you have very valuable information and data in your old device, it would not be a good idea to get it repaired in this scenario.

Scenario Two: Your computer is older than five years and different problems are cropping up on it from time to time, it is not wise to continue investing in it.

Scenario Three: Your computer has liquid damage, it will lead to a host of problems later on, even if it is repaired temporarily.

Our Comments on Liquid Damages: Yes, we are more than capable of fixing these issues.  We choose not too. This is not a skilled or capability challenge, this is an ethical challenge for us, we do not like to repair something that we cannot 100% stand by for the life of the device. For many years, we would see liquid damages come back days, weeks, or even years later from the original issue.

Your best option would be to back up your data, and transfer the data to the new computer.

Scenario Four: Repairs for motherboard-related problems that typically cost more than 50 percent of the replacement value is also not worth the investment.

Replace and Repair Criteria for Laptops

Laptops usually go through more wear and tear as opposed to desktops.

If your laptop is older than five years, you should consider replacing it rather than undertaking any more repairs.

This is because you would have to replace it somewhere down the line, and by that time, it will become an old model. The resale value of the laptop will also go down as laptops with better technology would have come out by then.

Besides, the cost of repairing it will be significantly higher than the replacement value.

Replace and Repair criteria for Desktops

According to experts, a user should ideally replace their desktop computer after 5 to 10 years.

If the desktop is five years old and the repair cost is 50 percent of the replacement value, then it would be better to replace it.

If the computer is seven years or older and the repair cost is 25 percent of replacement value, then again, it would not be a worthy investment.

However, if your desktop is less than five years, you can still invest in it in the form of upgrades and repairs.

How often should you replace your computer?

According to industry experts, a computer should ideally be replaced or upgraded every 4-5 years. However, much of it depends on your budget constraints, as it is important to derive the maximum value from your investments. If the computer is sluggish, overheating, and not booting up correctly even after repairs, it would be a better idea to replace your computer.

A Better Way

Whatever your computer repair needs, we at Gophermods are here to solve them for you. Our skilled technicians charge a basic fee of $49 for problem diagnosis, after which the final estimate of the overall repair cost will be provided to you. All the repairs provided by Gophermods also include a 1-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whatever your computer repair needs, we at Gophermods are here to solve them for you. Our skilled technicians charge a basic fee of $49 for problem diagnosis, after which the final estimate of the overall repair cost will be provided to you. All the repairs provided by Gophermods also include a 1-year warranty.

Do I need to book an appointment for repair service?

No, you do not need an appointment to bring your device for repair. You can directly walk into any of our locations to get your computer checked out by our expert technicians. You can also contact us for any queries here.

Does Gophermods charge for the diagnostics?

We charge a basic fee of $49 for diagnosing the problems, after which we provide you with a free quote for the entire cost of the service.

Are we expensive?

We at Gophermods offer the best rates in the industry for our computer repair services. With flat rate labor of only $99, the only variable in your computer repair service is the cost of parts. We’re extremely transparent in our parts cost, and each item will be itemized on your invoice for your easy viewing.

Our expert technicians are skilled at repairing premium computers, besides smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will diagnose the problem and be upfront and honest about everything from cost to timeline.

Do you repair computer screens?

Yes, at all Gophermods locations you can find repairs and service for all computer models. As a result, anyone of our locations can repair or service your cracked computer screen without an appointment. Above all, your Gophermods technicians go through a thorough ten-week training process to deliver high-quality, same day service for your computer screen.

Do you replace hard drives?

Yes, this is our most popular service on most modern computers. If your hard drive has failed, we’ll get you a custom quote for a similar hard drive, or for a faster SSD upgraded option. If your hard drive has not failed, and you just need more storage or space, all of our quotes include data transfer from your original drive to your new drive.

How long does it take to repair a computer screen?

On average, screen replacements for a computer are a 24-hour service as soon as the part is in stock. Due to the fact that are literally tens of thousands of different computers, we cannot stock most screens. Fortunately, parts can be in-stock in a few short days after drop-off. In the event your computer has additional issues, or if the store is busy, it takes upwards to three days for your screen replacement to be ready for pickup.

Our service is “reasonable”, “fast”, and “friendly”.

…That’s Minnesota Nice for saying, we’re pretty good.