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Your MacBook is your go-to device. It’s how you stay connected to your family, friends, and coworkers. If your Mac has been damaged, it can be hard to be productive and feel normal when it’s not working properly. That’s why we offer lightning fast repairs for a variety of issues including cracked screens, dead batteries, charging issues, keyboard failures and other problems. We have a team of friendly repair professionals who are ready to help get your MacBook up and running again so you can get back to living life.

We’ve been repairing Mac laptops for over 10 years. Every repair comes with a 1 year warranty so you can rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong with your repaired device, we’ve got you covered.

No appointments necessary—just drop by when it works for you!

Can you replace the battery on my MacBook?

Yes. Price and availability do depend on the model year of your MacBook. Contrary to what you may have read on most tech websites, all MacBook batteries are replaceable. Whether or not you can do it yourself depends on the year of your unit. If the MacBook is built before the middle of 2012, these batteries are fairly easy to replace. Models built prior to the middle of 2012 were secured with a few screws. Units built after 2012 were secured with an industrial-grade aerospace adhesive that requires heat, solvents, and lots of courage to remove.

  • Pro Late 2012 and newer, batteries start at $189
  • Pro Mid 2012 and older, batteries average around $149

Most MacBook Air batteries are much simpler to replace, and as a result, are much more repair friendly. No industrial adhesive, only five Torx screws hold in most batteries.

  • MacBook Air batteries start around $149

How much will it cost to fix my MacBook?

There is no simple answer to how much it will exactly cost to repair. There are many generations and variations of the MacBook, creating a range of repairs from as inexpensive as $29 to as expensive as $849. In order to try and make repairing your laptop less intimating, we have made a specific repair page for each model that we offer, so whether you have a Pro, Air, or the MacBook you should be able to find the repair price on the website. Each repair center is different, so we will discuss the repairs that we will perform at Gophermods for your Mac.

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MacBook Repair Services

From the first MacBook to the latest, your Gophermods repair center can repair your busted device. Our technicians have the most experience in Minnesota. Regardless of the issue, if we cannot fix your broken screen, water damage, or keyboard on your computer, there is only a small diagnostic fee of $49. In all successful repairs, the diagnostic fee goes towards your final total repair and most repairs include a one-year warranty

  • Local Minnesota Company in business since 2010
  • One year warranties standard on all major MacBook repairs.
  • All of our technicians have years of experience and go through a thorough ten week training process, ensuring your device is in capable hands.

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Most MacBook repairs only take about an hour once parts are available.

Who is repairing my MacBook?

Gophermods Founder

About Us

Gophermods started in Casey’s dorm room at the U of M Pioneer Hall in 2009. We started off as a custom video game accessory supplier, and we slowly turned into a repair company as we had more requests for repairs than accessories. Six months later after outgrowing the basement bedroom in the Como neighborhood, Gophermods opened up a commercial shop in the University Tech Center in Dinkytown. We hired our first employees whom were all U of M students and we all ran back and forth from Dinkytown to class, and kept that up until graduating in 2011.

We are a Minnesota company with a passion for technology. We enjoy learning and being re-inventors in our field. We were your friends in science class and the person next to you in line to get the latest gadget.

We are dedicated to finding solutions to everyday technology problems. Our drive is to provide customers with cost effective results

Our service is “reasonable”, “fast”, and “friendly”.

…That’s Minnesota Nice for saying, we’re pretty good.

We’re ready for your questions.

We’ve been doing this a while, here are the most common questions

Yes. We’ve had tens of thousands of broken iPhones, iPads, iPods and MacBooks brought into Gophermods since 2009. I would guess, 98% of the devices brought into our stores are repaired.

On average, most MacBook repairs are finished within twenty-four hours of drop-off at any one of our stores. Many parts are not in-stock and are special order, which will extend the repair time.

Pretty simple, we break it we bought it. If our parts fail within one year, bring it back, and we’ll fix it again under warranty. We’ve been doing this for ten years, and have thousands of positive feedback and reviews. You’d think if we stunk, someone would have had said something by now right?

In the event we cannot fix your MacBook, there may be a $49 diagnostic fee.