Gophermods Repair Warranty

Law degree not required. It’s simple, a one-year warranty on our repairs.

Warranty Coverage on Screens

What is covered

  • Touch Sensitivity

  • Ghost Clicking*

  • Random Clicking

  • Screen Lifting

*Ghost Clicking – Best described as your phone randomly opening apps, dialing numbers, clicking on portions of the screen that you have not selected.

What is not covered

  • Cracks*

  • Physical Damages*

  • Scratches & Gouges*

  • Liquid Damages

*GopherCare – If you would like physical damages covered, you can purchase our optional GopherCare protection policies. Starting at only $20.


The Simple Fine Print

All of Gophermods iPhone, iPad, MacBook & Device repairs receive a standard one-year warranty. Exclusions include any devices that were liquid damaged prior to repair.

Warranty Coverage:

The one year warranty covers any defects with the part replaced. This warranty is exclusive to only the parts serviced and replaced.

In the event your part serviced is damaged again, the standard one year warranty coverage is void.

Physical Damages:

Incidental damages are not covered under our warranty policy. In the event your device is broken again, the standard one-year warranty coverage is void.

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No need to call, make an appointment or e-mail about your warranty coverage. You can visit any Gophermods locations to inquire about warranty eligibility.

  • No Appointment Necessary

  • Six Minneapolis Locations

  • Warranty valid at all Gophermods stores.