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Professional Technician

Professional Technician

Professional Technician

Hi, We’re Gophermods

Gophermods started in Casey’s dorm room at the U of M Pioneer hall in 2009. We began as a custom video game accessory supplier, and we slowly turned into a repair company as we had more requests for repairs than accessories. After outgrowing the basement bedroom in the Como neighborhood, Gophermods opened up a commercial shop in the University Tech Center in Dinky town. We hired our first techs, all U of M students, and we all ran back and forth from Dinky town to class, and we kept that up until we all graduated.

We are a Minnesota company with a passion for technology. We enjoy learning and being re-inventors in our field. We were your friends in science class and the person next to you in line to get the latest gadget.

We are dedicated to finding solutions to everyday technology problems. Our drive is to provide customers with cost effective results

  • No previous experience required, only a strong desire to learn and grow.

  • Culturally focused small business with a passion for technology.

  • Thorough ten week training process, taking you from a repair novice to a repair pro.

Kindred Spirit

We prefer to treat others how we would like to be treated, and that is like family.


Ensuring the experience is always great time after time through the most due diligent service process for devices.


Finding solutions to the industries most complicated problems is hard-wired into every Gophermoder.

Customer First

Our passion for technology combined with our systematic approach ensures we put the needs of our customers first.


We live and breathe technology and have a burning desire to learn everything in the technology world.

Your Time as a Gopher

Since the start, culture has been the cornerstone of our success at Gophermods. We began as a group of school friends running back and forth from the classroom to the repair shop everyday to a budding enterprise. That foundation is still present to this day and something we never want to see leave.

We’re a small business and we embrace the benefits of the small business culture of: togetherness, friendliness, family spirit and “in it together” mentality. That mentality is the reason why Gophermods is so special and why we will continue to succeed in the future.

Looking for the corporate culture and benefits that come with the corporate culture?

Please do not apply. We’re not looking for corporate machines, we’re looking for unique individuals that want to enjoy the genuine feel of a small business and enjoy the satisfaction that they can see the value they are adding everyday to this company.

If our companies core values resonate with you, chances are you’re going to be a fantastic fit at Gophermods. We constructed these cover values based off our longest, highest performing and most dedicated team members. We live, breathe, hire and adhere to these core values in every aspect of our business.

Group Activities

  • Summer Pick-nicks

  • Movie & Game Nights

  • Quarterly Company Outings

  • Frisbee Golf Tournaments

  • Pro-Kart Racing

  • Leadership Retreats

  • Holiday Party

  • Saint Paul Saints Games

  • Kickball League

  • Wolves & Wild Games

We believe when a culture is truly working, you’ll look at the people to the right and left of you and realize they’re not only coworkers, they’re friends. When you work with people you enjoy being around, it makes the work day not feel like work.  We want to make sure you’re excited to go to work, and not “I don’t want to be around him/her, ughh I hate work when I have to be around them!”