When Foxconn finalized it’s acquisition of Sharp in late April, it brought to mind a few interesting ideas that could happen in the next few years. Sharp has been a supplier for screens on Apple’s iPhones for years. Foxconn, one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world is the producer of the iPhone. The combining of forces could point us toward a couple of hints in the future of the iPhone, and some positive trends for the industry.

1. Sharp is best known as an LCD manufacturer and has supplied Apple with screens for quite some time. With the rumored move to OLED displays on future iPhones, Sharp would have the experience and technologies in that field to expedite the transition.
2. Having a screen manufacturing company working in-house with Foxconn could reduce the prices of Cell Phone screens, thereby reducing the cost of repairs on future iPhones and saving you money on screen repairs!
3. Samsung, Apple’s biggest rival currently holds 95% of the market for OLED display technology. With Foxconn working together with Sharp, they could pose a serious threat to Samsung’s dominance and drastically reduce the cost of OLED screens. This would make repairs on devices other than iPhones cheaper too!
4. Foxconn saves a tech giant. Sharp has built a reputation for high quality products. However as a company they have posted losses totaling of over $9 Billion the last few years. With Sharp being rejuvenated by Foxconn, they can continue to offer great products, and assist in the manufacturing industry.