Apple Watch Repair

Apple Watch Repair

Apple Watch Repair Services by Gophermods

Thank you for your inquiry about your Apple Watch.

Unfortunately at this time we are not currently servicing Apple Watches, but are actively exploring methods and techniques to offer you both the best quality repair, and the best overall value for what you pay.

As of right now, neither of those goals are attainable due to part cost and availability.

At this time if you have an any Apple Watch in need of repairs, we would recommend replacing the watch with a comparable one, or even upgrading for a gently used one from BackMarket.

BackMarket is a storefront for gently used electronics that have to meet specific criteria, including a 1 year warranty and free returns with all devices.

If you want completely brand new Apple Watch devices, we would recommend Best Buy and Target, as these retail establishments will run promotions on Apple Watch pricing more than Apple does.

Again, we are actively exploring methods and techniques to be able to offer these repairs again in the future, and we’ll be sure to make an announcement as soon as it is available.

Visit BackMarket’s website:

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Warranty Coverage:

The one year warranty covers any defects with the part replaced. This warranty is exclusive to only the parts serviced and replaced.

In the event your part serviced is damaged again, the standard one year warranty coverage is void.

Physical Damages:

Incidental damages are not covered under our warranty policy. In the event your device is broken again, the standard one-year warranty coverage is void.

Certified Pre-Owned

Now Available:

Affordable Certified Pre-Owned Apple Watches for Sale




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