Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here, please reach out to [email protected] and we will get back to you within 1 business day, or stop into any location during business hours!

General Questions

You only need to bring the device, we have all relevant cables or accessories needed for every repair!

No appointments necessary, as long as our doors are open you are welcome! Visit our locations page for more details about which locations are near you.

Yes we do! Call the store nearest to you or stop in for more information!

Yes! We understand all too well that some repairs are extremely complex and can be difficult to finish, and would be happy to pick up where you left off.

There are so many phones and tablets out there nowadays that we would have a heck of a time listing them all on our site. Call the shop nearest you or stop in to check if we can repair the device. Be sure to have the model number handy!

Almost all repairs take an hour to an hour and a half to complete, depending on the phone and repair needed. If we need to order any additional parts it can take us 1-2 business days to get the part from our suppliers.

In this rare case, we would reinstall all of your original parts and return the device to you for our minimum diagnostic fee for $19. In all of our years of operation we have discovered some replacement options that work better than others, and will offer our honest and sincere advice on how to best proceed in replacing the device.

Pricing will be the same at all locations, but turnaround times may vary. This can depend on the inventory levels of individual shops, and how many other devices happen to be in for repair at any given time.

Phone/Tablet Repair Questions

No, we have some on hand that we can use to test out your device.

We prefer it, but it is not required. We need to test out the device to make sure our repair was successful. We run diagnostics on your device both before and after the repair to make sure it is still running in tip-top shape. If you do not wish to provide the passcode (and we understand the desire to preserve your privacy) we will not be able to guarantee a turnaround time as we will not have had the ability to test our work post-repair. All staff signs a customer data privacy policy prior to working on customer devices, any staff found to be in violation of this policy is immediately terminated.

Absolutely not, we respect your right to privacy and understand that if we were in a similar situation the last thing we would want is someone rifling through our personal data. All employees sign an agreement during the hiring process and understand that this is grounds for dismissal. All we do with your phone is run it through a series of simple tests to make sure all hardware features are functioning.

No! We never erase or reformat your device unless absolutely necessary. We will contact you immediately in this case that this is necessary and explain the situation in full. We highly recommend that all customers (and even non-customers) back up their devices regularly!

Almost all phone and tablet manufacturing companies are only design and engineering companies, and source their parts from third-party manufacturers. The parts we source are manufactured to the same specifications as the OEM, and will behave and function exactly the same. If we are not confident that a part is to our standards, we will not use it!

Video Game Console Questions

Video game console repairs take 24-72 hours to complete, excluding holidays and weekends. We will notify you if there is to be a delay.

No, there are no 100% permanent repairs on the market for this type of hardware failure. We have seen our repairs last as long as two years and as short as two months. The average lifespan of a console after it has been reflowed is 7-9 months. We offer a standard 6-month warranty on this repair, and we provide one (1) labor-free out-of-warranty repair that can be used any time out of the 6 month period.

You should not lose any data unless your hard drive is past the point of repair. For hard drive upgrades, we transfer all of your saved data!

Of course! We do not swap out consoles or hard drives, we just repair the original device.

Of course! We guarantee that we will return your disc, and if we do lose it, we will replace it. Just give the tech a heads up that there is a disc in the console when dropping it off for the repair, so that we don’t get a little surprise when opening the console!

Any consoles that have been severely tampered with will receive no warranty. If we inspect the motherboard, and can see evidence of someone else attempting a DIY repair, you will not receive a warranty. We will notify you if this is the case. Examples include attempting your own reflow or replacing the thermal paste yourself. This applies only to motherboard type repairs such as the Yellow Light of Death and the XBOX 360’s Red Ring of Death.

Warranty Questions

We offer a standard free 1-year warranty. Exclusions include any liquid damaged devices and select video game console repairs.

The 1-year warranty covers any manufacturer defects with the parts or labor applied to your gadget. This is exclusive to the parts used in your repair. The warranty does not cover incidental damage (drops, cracks, liquid damage, etc.) or cosmetic damage (scratches, dents, scuffs, etc.)

We offer a standard free 90-day warranty on all liquid damage repairs. This would include any additional labor or cleaning of the device, but not additional parts.

Yes, although we do our best to preserve any original warranty seals or holograms. In most cases, manufacturer warranties do not cover incidental damage that necessitates the repairs we offer. We always recommend checking with the manufacturer before seeking out repairs.

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