iPhone 5s Screen Repair

HP Laptop Screen Repair

Pricing is as follows: 

HP Netbook – $119

HP Laptop 13″ – $149

HP Laptop 15″ – $159

HP Laptop 17″ – $189

Did you recently drop, sit on, kick or step on your beloved laptop? 

Now does it power on properly, but fail to display the image or is just to painful to look at now? 

This repair service is for the repair and replacement for:

  • LCD Replacement
  • Dead pixels in LCD
  • White Screen/Black Screen
  • Distorted Display

No Appointments Necessary

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Why Gophermods

At Gophermods we are dedicated to finding solutions to everyday technology problems. Our drive is to provide customers with cost effective results.

Free Diagnostics

Not sure what is going on with your device or just a little curious? If we cannot fix it, there is no fee! No risk and our technicians love exploring new gadgets

Locally Owned

We’re not a franchise. Locally and employee owned. You can be reassured you’re treated as if you are part of the family, not a number in a spreadsheet.

One Year Warranty

All parts and labor are covered by a one-year warranty. Physical damage (such as broken screen) or liquid damage not covered in all circumstances.