iPad Air 2 Repair

iPad Air 2 Repair

iPad Air 2 Repair Services by Gophermods

Don’t stress over a broken iPad Air 2. Gophermods offers worry-free iPad Air 2 repair services for all of your favorite Apple devices. No matter what the issue is, you can rest assured knowing our skilled technicians have the necessary tools and parts on-site to restore your iPad Air. We fix the issue fast to get your mobile life back on track.





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Warranty Coverage:

The one year warranty covers any defects with the part replaced. This warranty is exclusive to only the parts serviced and replaced.

In the event your part serviced is damaged again, the standard one year warranty coverage is void.

Physical Damages:

Incidental damages are not covered under our warranty policy. In the event your device is broken again, the standard one-year warranty coverage is void.


Protection Plan

GopherCare Coverage:

Plans starting at only $25 for most iPads!






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Why Gophermods

At Gophermods we are dedicated to finding solutions to everyday technology problems. Our drive is to provide customers with cost effective results.

Our service is “reasonable”, “fast”, and “friendly”.

…That’s Minnesota Nice for saying, we’re pretty good.

We’re ready for your questions.

We’ve been doing this a while, here are the most common questions

Yes. We’ve had tens of thousands of broken iPhones, iPads, and iPods phones brought into Gophermods since 2009. I would guess, 98% of the devices brought into our stores are repaired. And with our free diagnostic service, you don’t have to worry if we can’t repair it – if it’s not something we can fix, you don’t pay anything.

On average, most iPad repairs are finished within twenty-four hours of drop-off at any one of our stores. Unlike more repair facilities, no appointment is required and we bet you’ll be walking out in a few short hours with a repaired iPod.

Pretty simple, we break it we bought it. If our parts fail within one year, bring it back, and we’ll fix it again under warranty. We’ve been doing this almost ten years, and have hundreds of positive feedback and reviews. You’d think if we sucked, someone would have had said something by now right?

We charge you $55. Just kidding – Who do you think we are, CPR? With our free diagnostic service, you don’t have to worry if we can’t repair it – if it’s not something we can fix, you don’t pay anything.

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Not all repairs at Gophermods require an appointment, but let your technicians know you’re on the way by sending us a message or inquiring about your iPad repair service. Most iPad repair parts are always in stock, and repairs take about 24-48 hours. If you’re in a bind, call us and we’ll reserve the part for you to get you in and out of our store with a shiny new iPad all repaired.

  • No Appointment Necessary

  • Eden Prairie & Woodbury Open Seven Days

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