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No Longer Supported

We’re really sorry we have to do this, but we cannot continue to support the iPod Touch 4th Gen. Cost of parts, labor and in the infrequency of service make these devices no longer economical or practical to repair.

Gophermods was built and launched during the financial recession of 2008 – 2010. Folks needed an economical repair, and they turned to us for devices that are often ten plus years old. We’re some of the OGs in this repair space. So if we tell you we can’t repair it anymore, I wouldn’t trust many other folks to service your older devices.

Thinking about DIY: Do it! This the only economical / practical process we would recommend to service this device. We would HIGHLY recommend tools, parts and step-by-step guides from ifixit.com

Our relentless determination to provide a quality service gifted us with the opportunity to support thousands of other devices for customers.

Maintaining the skill, equipment, and ability to service devices ten plus years after launch is unfortunately not possible. We still receive requests, but we cannot maintain the level of quality service and repairs for a request that is only received every few months.

I know this is disappointing; if we had a solid referral, we would give you one, but we are unaware of any significant reputable company that we can honestly recommend that would provide you with quality AND value.

Thank you so much for all your support over the past decade.



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Our service is “reasonable”, “fast”, and “friendly”.

…That’s Minnesota Nice for saying, we’re pretty good.

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We’ve been doing this a while, here are the most common questions

Yes. We’ve had tens of thousands of broken iPhones, iPads, and Samsung phones brought into Gophermods since 2009. I would guess 98% of the devices brought into our stores are repaired. We’ve seen so many devices you don’t have to worry if we haven’t seen it before. If we can’t fix it, the main reason typically is that it is not cost effective to service, and more expensive to repair than replace.

On average, most iPod repairs are finished within one to two days of drop-off at any one of our stores. Many iPod parts are not in-stock and are special order which will add some extra time to the repair. For example, iPod Classics (Almost 10+ years old) are much harder to source parts, and will add to your repair turnaround.

Pretty simple, we break it we bought it. If our parts fail within one year, bring it back, and we’ll fix it again under warranty. We’ve been doing this almost ten years, and have hundreds of positive feedback and reviews. You’d think if we sucked, someone would have had said something by now right?

In the rare event we cannot fix your iPod, there may be a $19 to $29 diagnostic fee.