LG G6 – Top 5 RUMORED Features

Ahead of the reveal of LG’s next flagship phone, we’ve already been given a glimpse of what to expect at Mobile World Congress. However there are alot of questions that remain to be answered. Based on reports from various sources, we’ve listed some of the main rumors regarding the LG G6.

The LG G6 looks to make a splash at MWC later this month. Photo by: LG

The LG G6 looks to make a splash at MWC later this month. Photo by: LG

1. New Display Size. The LG G6 will feature a 5.7 inch Quad HD Ultra Wide(2880×1440 resolution) display, with small bezels. With an emphasis on your content, there will be more to love and less to distract you from your content.

2. Modularity is gone. With the LG G5 failing to gain popularity, in part due to its novel design, the Korean Tech company has confirmed that the G6 will feature a premium glass and metal design akin to recent family members of the Galaxy S lineup. This means that removable batteries, add-on modules like the Camera Grip or the Bang and Oluffson DAC will not be available.

3. Water Resistance. Further confirming the end of removable batteries is the implementation of water resistance in some form of IP Certification. Wether it will be fully protected from submersion or just from splashes remains to be seen.

4. Dual Cameras are back and better than before. The cameras on the LG G5 were a bright spot on an otherwise lackluster device. Featuring optical image stabilization, a wide angle lens, and great low-light performance, the LG G6 looks to continue the great performance that LG’s camera arrays have long produced.

5. The Headphone Jack is still here.  Need I say more? You won’t need to join the #donglelife just yet to listen to your music (and there was much rejoicing).