MacBook Retina 12 Early 2015 Repair

MacBook 12 2015 Repair

MacBook 12 2015 Repair Services by Gophermods


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Battery Trackpad MagSafe DC Jack Display





Keyboard Bottom Case Wi-Fi Diagnostics


Warranty Coverage:

The one year warranty covers any defects with the part replaced. This warranty is exclusive to only the parts serviced and replaced.

In the event your part serviced is damaged again, the standard one year warranty coverage is void.

Physical Damages:

Incidental damages are not covered under our warranty policy. In the event your device is broken again, the standard one-year warranty coverage is void.

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Identify Your MacBook

We do this for a living, and it’s hard to keep track of all the MacBooks out in the world. If you’re not sure which MacBook you have, click here for a guide on identifying your MacBook.

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Yes. We’ve had tens of thousands of broken iPhones, iPads, and Samsung phones brought into Gophermods since 2009. I would guess 98% of the devices brought into our stores are repaired. We’ve seen so many devices you don’t have to worry if we haven’t seen it before.

On average, most MacBook repairs are finished within twenty-four hours of drop-off at any one of our stores. Many parts are not in-stock and are special order, which will extend the repair time.

Pretty simple, we break it we bought it. If our parts fail within one year, bring it back, and we’ll fix it again under warranty. We’ve been doing this almost ten years, and have hundreds of positive feedback and reviews.

In the rare event we cannot fix your device, there may be a $19 to $29 diagnostic fee.

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