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Selling Your iPhone in Minneapolis Made Easy

Why Choose Gophermods to Sell Your iPhone in Minneapolis

Looking to sell your iPhone or any other smartphone device? Gophermods is the perfect spot in Minneapolis, providing competitive pricing, rapid payments, and a safe, fee-free process. Gophermods makes selling your iPhone a piece of cake.

Fast, Secure, and Efficient

Our platform is designed to give you a hassle-free selling experience. No matter if you’re planning to sell your iPhone for the latest model or just wishing to declutter your space, Gophermods ensures you get the best value. What makes us stand out?

  • Quick processing: No waiting around for weeks to get your payment.
  • Security: Your data privacy is our utmost priority.
  • Fee-free transactions: We ensure you receive the full value of your device.
  • Competitive pricing: We offer prices that are hard to beat

It’s Time to Move On — Sell Your iPhone in Minneapolis

We all get to the point when we need to upgrade or part with our beloved gadgets. And when it comes to your iPhone, Gophermods is here to help. As part of our initiative to assist the Minneapolis community, we buy back iPhones, cell phones, and iPads, turning your old devices into cash!

  • Get Extra Cash: Have unused iPhones or iPads? Bring them to us!
  • Convenient Locations: With stores located near your favorite shopping spots around Minneapolis, you can easily drop off your device and collect your cash.
  • Knowledgeable Staff: Our experts ensure you get the best value for your devices.
  • Trade-In for Credit: Rather upgrade to a new device? We offer trade-in credits for phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronics.

Sell My iPhone – How It Works

Step 1: Get an Offer for Your Device

Provide us with the details of your device, whether it’s an iPhone, another smartphone, or a tablet. Answer a few quick questions about your gadget to get an estimate of its worth.

Step 2: Visit Gophermods

Bring your device to any Gophermods location to redeem our offer and receive your trade-in credits or cash.

Ready to Upgrade? We’re Ready to Buy!

At Gophermods, we aim to make the process of selling your iPhone in Minneapolis as seamless and pain-free as possible. So why wait? Get a quote for your used device today, and step into the world of the latest tech confidently!

How much is your iPhone worth?

The resale value of your used iPhone largely hinges on factors such as its model, capacity, condition, and network carrier. Pristine Apple iPhones with larger gigabyte capacities, unlocked or connected to Verizon or AT&T, command the highest trade-in prices.

Can I sell my damaged iPhone?

Yes, indeed! Your iPhone’s condition, even if cracked or damaged, doesn’t preclude it from being sold. Almost every buyer we list is prepared to pay for your phone in virtually any state. Here’s how it works:

  • Damaged or Cracked Screens: iPhones with broken screens or shattered back glass can still sell for up to 80% of their total value. Select ‘Faulty’ as the condition after locating your model.
  • Faulty iPhone: You can sell broken iPhones here, regardless of their software issues or faulty parts. Select ‘Faulty’ as the condition after finding your model.

Gophermods is “reasonable”, “fast”, and “friendly”.

…That’s Minnesota Nice for saying, we’re pretty good.

We’re ready for your questions.

We’ve been doing this a while, here are the most common questions

Yes, even if your iPhone isn’t in the best shape, we buy both working and damaged phones. Despite the lower prices offered for broken phones, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you can make from selling them.

Absolutely! We allow the selling of multiple iPhone models at the same time. Whether it’s for personal purposes or on behalf of a business, Gophermods is here to help you cash in on your old iPhone collection.

Gophermods accepts iPhones from all major carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Unlocked iPhones fetch slightly higher prices, so unlocking your device can be beneficial.

First, make sure to sign out of iCloud and erase all your content and settings. This will ensure that your personal data is removed from the device. Additionally, don’t forget to remove your SIM card, as it contains important information and should be kept secure. Lastly, if you have an Apple Watch connected to your iPhone, remember to unpair them to separate their functionalities. By carefully completing these steps, you can ensure a smooth and secure trade-in process for your iPhone. Here is a guide to removing Apple iCloud.

In addition to iPhones, Gophermods also buys back other Apple products, such as iPads, iPods, MacBooks, Apple Watches, and Apple accessories.