What is the cost for MacBook repairs?

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What is the cost for MacBook repairs? There is no simple answer to how much it will exactly cost to repair an Apple MacBook. There are many generations and variations of the MacBook, creating a range of repairs from as inexpensive as $29 to as expensive as $849. To make your MacBook repair less intimating, we'll go through a different repair services whether you have a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or the MacBook. Each repair center is different, so we will discuss the repairs that we will perform at Gophermods for your mac. Which MacBook do you have? The [...]

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Thanksgiving & Black Friday Store Hours

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Thanksgiving & Black Friday Hours Thanksgiving & Black Friday - Not Open Small Business Saturday - Open On Thanksgiving / Black Friday we always close our repair doors for a few days. A Gophermods core values is family spirit, and on a day like Thanksgiving, we want our team to be with those that matter most, and that's their friends, family and loved ones. While we love ❤️ repairing 🔧 your broken technology, we want you to be your friends, and family too. We hope everyone enjoys some good food, football and company this holiday week. This is our 1️⃣0️⃣th year we've closed [...]

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5 Tips To Shop Online Safely This Holiday Season

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5 Tips To Shop Online Safely This Holiday Season Ever since Windows Defender was released (which includes Windows Defender Browser Protection on Macs as well), a lot of people have decided that they don't need any other virus protection at all. That's quite a big risk to take. Here are 5 tips to protect your computer or laptop from viruses while shopping this holiday season. Tip 1: Don't just rely on Windows Defender. Windows Defender is good at what it does, but it has its own issues. Dedicated anti-virus software is ideal because the best ones have decades of [...]

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Cell Phone Repair in Eagan

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Cell Phone Repair in Eagan Our motto says it all: If it’s Smart, We Fix it. Every technology purchase that you make is a significant investment. So why skimp on it when it comes to properly repairing your cell phone? Not simply because of the money that you’ve put into it, but the information you have on the device. Whether you’re a parent that’s racing seven ways to Sunday, trying to keep track of kids, playdates, practices, and games; or if you’re the lynchpin keeping an organization together, you rely on your smart device to keep you not only [...]

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Woodbury Cell Phone Repair

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Cell Phone Repair in Woodbury Many individuals are looking for cell phone repair in Woodbury but don't know where to turn. If your cell phone is broken you may be tempted to try and repair it yourself but this is never a good idea. Our service at Gophermods Woodbury provides top-notch cell phone and mobile device repairs. We have the experience behind us to repair any cell phone problem that you might come across. Why you need your cell phone repair done right! There are many franchises that offer a cell phone repair but most franchises cannot even get [...]

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iPhone Battery Replacements

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Gophermods, your locally owned and favorite small business specializing in iPhones, iPads, Smartphones and other repair solutions since 2009, has reported it will incorporate iPhone battery testing among their official 21-point checklist during repair services. "Our point is to provider Apple users with another option than sitting in long lines at the mall, or going out on a limb on an unbranded battery obtained on the web," said Casey Profita, President of Gophermods. "Fortunately, there is a fix for slowed-down iPhones because of a maturing battery, and you totally CAN get professional help and another battery with a one-year guarantee [...]

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7 Important Facts about iOS 11

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iOS 11 was unveiled at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference earlier this month. With the next version of iOS out in the hands of developers, I was able to get my hands on it early before it is released to the public. These are my impressions. The device I am using, is a 64GB iPhone SE which features Apple’s A9 cpu, and 2 GB of ram, which is only 1 generation behind the A10 Fusion Quad Core cpu in the iPhone 7. The new lock screen. The lock screen in iOS 11 changes things up from the slightly confusing [...]

Tech Review – iPad 9.7(2017)

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In the world of technology we like to focus on the super expensive devices, the ones that push the envelope in every direction. People love to "ooh" and "ahh" over every new feature, quirk or change that it brings to the table. In doing so, sometimes we can overlook the simpler things, the less expensive gadgets that a recent college graduate(me) can afford. I'm a sucker for finding affordable technology. I built my computer using parts from one if not two generations behind the latest iterations, and my current phone is the modest if unassuming iPhone SE. My wife was in [...]

Flagship Roundup – The Best of the Best

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The Galaxy S8 is looking to recapture the magic of the Galaxy S7, and regain customer confidence after the Note 7 Battery disaster. Photo by: Samsung Mobile With Samsung's Galaxy S8 launching before the month is out, I wanted to take a look to see what it was up against in the smartphone space. Rivals Apple and LG have their phones already to market, while others like HTC and Google quietly carve their niche in the flagship arena. Maybe you're waiting to see how the S8 behaves in public, or you're not interested in the latest Samsung offering [...]

Dual Camera Roundup – The Best in Pocket Photography

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Starting with the HTC Evo 3D as a gimmick, to today with the iPhone 7 Plus, companies have been trying to fit dual camera systems intotheir smartphones. Many have done so with varying degrees of success. In the case of the Evo 3D, it sold poorly compared to the iPhone 7 Plus which has been a commercial success. The HTC EVO 3D was one of the first smartphones to feature a dual camera system. Its success was marginal to negligible however. Photo by: GSMArena Today, we are surrounded by a plethora of devices that feature a dual camera setup. [...]