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Google Pixel 7A Review: An Exceptional Camera Nestled in an Average Phone

Unveiling the Mixed Bag of Experiences: Dive into User Insights on the Google Pixel 7A’s Performance, Battery Life, and Interface Adjustments.

Google Pixel 7A Review: An Exceptional Camera Nestled in an Average Phone


In my tenure within the wireless industry, the camera quality often emerged as a pivotal point of discussion during phone sales. It’s evident that the era of single-lens cameras has bid adieu, with the rear camera design becoming a defining trait for modern smartphones.

The Google Pixel 7A embodies this trend to the hilt. Despite its mediocrity in other aspects, Google clearly entices users to revel in the phone’s camera prowess.

My last rendezvous with an Android phone before this was the Google Pixel 3XL. Even with its lone shooter, the camera commendably stood its ground, receiving accolades from many aficionados as the pinnacle of camera experience on Android. Despite its age, the camera lure was strong enough to sway me from my iPhone. Yet, amidst a plethora of other phones boasting more features, substantial batteries, and comparable cameras, what renders the Pixel distinctive?

The answer lies in its unrivaled camera and the quintessential software experience furnished by Google.

Core Experience

Now that I have transitioned to the Pixel 7A, it’s pertinent to share the user experience it offers. The phone adorns various finishes, with my choice being the vibrantly arresting Coral, reminiscent of the iPhone XR. The coral backplate, a plastic endeavor to cut costs, seamlessly meshes with an aluminum frame encasing the phone’s perimeter.

Although lacking the luxe feel of glass, the tactile experience remains unhindered if used without a case. At the forefront, a Corning Gorilla Glass shelters a 20:9 aspect ratio 1080p OLED display with a 90Hz refresh capability. Underneath this facade, the Google Tensor G2 SOC propels the phone, paired with 128GB of non-expandable storage and 8GB of RAM.

The rear hosts Google’s iconic visor housing a 64MP primary camera alongside a 12MP ultra-wide lens, creating a versatile photography arsenal. The photo quality holds its own against contemporaries, often outshining the S23 or the iPhone 13 Mini. Especially against Galaxy A series devices in the $500 bracket, the camera triumphs effortlessly. Having had a tryst with a previous Pixel model, I am impressed with how well it stacks up against competition now.


The phone’s camera competes admirably with pricier counterparts like the $700 Galaxy S23 and the $600 iPhone 13 Mini.

Features such as removing unwanted objects, rectifying blurry subjects, and one-click enhancements enrich the camera suite, making it a formidable contender in the smartphone arena.

Video recording on Android has perplexed me, as exemplary camera systems on phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S or Note series often falter in video performance. The Pixel, however, breaks this mold, offering crisp, smooth video that challenges even the iPhone, historically lauded for its video quality.

The call clarity is admirable, with loudspeakers, well-balanced weight, apt button placement, and design winning on all fronts. The 5G UC network on T-Mobile yielded download speeds of 350-500Mb/s, eclipsing my home internet speeds, signifying 5G’s transition from a gimmick to a valuable addition.

Gripes with Pixel 7A

The Pixel 7A isn’t without its foibles.

An ostensibly perfect concoction of a 90Hz OLED display, generous battery, and modest screen resolution should culminate in stellar battery longevity. However, the reality diverges, largely due to the panel’s lackluster brightness forcing a full brightness setting for daytime usage, thereby draining the battery faster.

Despite the saving grace of wireless and fast wired charging options, the need for a mid-day charge is a dampener.

User Testimonials

It’s always valuable to get insights from real users to better gauge the everyday performance and quirks of the device.

Here’s what some users have to say about their experiences with the Google Pixel 7A:

Reddit User: Jeb_Indian (July 2023)

Jeb, a long-time iPhone user, decided to try out the Pixel 7A due to a promotional offer. While he appreciates the dictation feature and the camera, he has been somewhat disappointed with the battery life, especially in comparison to his 4-year-old iPhone XS. He also finds the fingerprint scanner less reliable and mentions inconsistent user interface elements across different apps.

Reddit User: e6r6i6c (June 2023)

This user loves the aesthetics and the smooth user interface of the Pixel 7A. However, they express concerns regarding the battery life, which has not been up to par even with limited screen time. They are holding out hope that the adaptive battery feature improves the situation with more use.

Reddit User: Cdegallo (June 2023)

Cdegallo shares the experience of his wife upgrading from a Pixel 5 to a Pixel 7A. While she finds the phone faster and appreciates the upgrade, she has encountered issues such as the phone heating up during use and a less responsive fingerprint scanner. The transition to a larger device also required some getting used to.

Amazon User: DSY (June 26, 2023)

DSY, a loyal Google phone user, finds the Pixel 7A living up to the reputation in terms of camera quality, software efficiency, and the perfect size for comfort. However, the battery life has been disappointing, barely lasting a day even with light usage. They also experienced some software bugs and found the fingerprint setup to be problematic.

Additional concerns with the Pixel 7a

The lack of water resistance, although common in many phones, merits caution especially around moisture-prone areas. The under-screen optical fingerprint scanner stumbles frequently, necessitating multiple attempts for successful recognition. The single storage configuration, given the superior camera, may hit the ceiling sooner for avid photographers. Software bugs, though rectified through subsequent updates, did mar the overall user experience.


Despite these grouses, does the Pixel 7A warrant a recommendation?

At its core, the Google Pixel 7A packages an extraordinary camera within a $500 phone. Although the compromises are apparent, when pitted against other $500 counterparts in the Android domain, the Pixel 7A’s camera stands head and shoulders above. Anyone eyeing an upgrade with a robust camera at the heart of their desire will find the Pixel 7A unparalleled at this price

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the standout feature of the Google Pixel 7A?

  • The standout feature of the Google Pixel 7A is its exceptional camera quality, which competes well against higher-priced models.

How does the Pixel 7A’s camera compare to other phones in its price range?

  • The camera quality of the Pixel 7A surpasses most phones in its price range, offering a superior shooting setup and photo quality comparable to, or even better than, the Samsung Galaxy S23 and iPhone 13 Mini.

Does the Google Pixel 7A support 5G connectivity?

  • Yes, the Google Pixel 7A supports 5G connectivity, and performs well on T-Mobile’s 5G UC network with speeds of up to 350-500Mb/s for downloads.

Is the Pixel 7A’s battery life satisfactory?

  • The battery life may not meet expectations, especially with the screen brightness turned up during daytime use. You might find the need to recharge the phone in the afternoon.

How does the screen of the Pixel 7A compare to other phones?

  • The screen of the Pixel 7A, although OLED and with a 90Hz refresh rate, tends to be dimmer compared to other phones like the iPhone 13 Mini and Galaxy S23, especially at maximum brightness.

Is the storage on the Pixel 7A expandable?

  • No, the Pixel 7A comes with a fixed storage of 128GB and does not offer storage expansion options.

What are some issues I might encounter with the Pixel 7A?

  • Some reported issues include a relatively dim display, occasional software bugs, and a less reliable under-screen fingerprint scanner