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Understanding the 'Important Message' or 'Unknown Part' warning on your iPhone

Gain a comprehensive understanding of 'Important Message' or 'Unknown Part' warnings on your iPhone, whether you have purchased or had it repaired at Gophermods or another facility.

Updated: September 16th, 2023

Understanding the ‘Important Message’ or ‘Unknown Part’ warning on your iPhone

Whether you’ve just purchased a sleek iPhone from Gophermods or had your existing one repaired, you may suddenly encounter an “Important Message” or “Unknown Part” warning from Apple, indicating an issue with your battery, display, camera, or other components.

Additionally, you may have noticed the “Unknown Part” label under the “Parts and Service History” section in Settings.

Here’s what those messages mean and why you shouldn’t worry!

These alerts surface when a repair has been done on your iPhone, giving you insights on replaced components like batteries, screens, or cameras.

Though only an Apple Genius Bar or Apple Authorized Service Provider can change components without triggering these messages, it doesn’t mean your battery is faulty. It simply means a new battery (or camera or screen) has been installed, delivering the same top-notch performance as the original.

Rest assured, these messages won’t hinder your iPhone’s functionality. They’ll show on the lock screen for four days before moving to Settings for another 15 days. That is it.

Depending on your iOS version, you’ll see different messages:

For iOS 15.2 and later, head to Settings > General > About >Parts and Service History to see which components have been replaced.

  • “Unknown Part” means the installed component isn’t recognized as a genuine Apple part
  • “Genuine Apple Part” indicates an “authentic” replacement

We’ve enclosed “authentic” in quotes because it doesn’t necessarily mean that the part is fake. Even if you replace two original components such as screens, batteries, or cameras, the “Important Message” or “Unknown Part” warning can still appear. For more detailed information on this topic, we recommend checking out our friends at iFixIt, who have done an excellent job of explaining this issue. It’s worth noting that this problem isn’t exclusive to Apple products but extends to other industries as well.

Non-Apple replacements always appear as “Unknown Part.” However, these components are functionally equivalent to OEM counterparts and perform just as well. Gophermods thoroughly tests each device for like-new condition and functionality, ensuring the highest quality devices and repairs.

In a nutshell, if “Unknown Part” appears, the component has likely been replaced by a new one that works just as well as the original. Plus, your device is still under warranty for any defects.

  • For iOS versions earlier than 15.2, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health (for battery), or Settings > General > About (for camera and display)

Affected iPhones include the most recent models (XR, XS, XS Max, and later).

For iOS 15.2 and later, the displayed information varies by model:

  • iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, and later (including iPhone SE 2nd gen): battery replacement info
  • iPhone 11, 12, and 13 models: battery or display replacement info
  • iPhone 12 and 13 models: battery, display, or camera replacement info
  • iPhone 14 and 15 models: battery, display, or camera replacement info

For iOS versions before 15.2, expect an “Important Battery Message,” “Important Display Message,” or “Important Camera Message.”

Don’t Let “Important Message” or “Unknown Part” Warnings Dampen Your iPhone Experience

In conclusion, encountering an “Important Message” or “Unknown Part” warning on your iPhone shouldn’t cause concern.

These notifications are simply informative, indicating that a component, such as the battery, display, or camera, has been replaced.

Remember, the performance and quality of your iPhone remain uncompromised. So, embrace your new or repaired iPhone from Gophermods with confidence, knowing you’re backed by a warranty and a device that functions as efficiently as the original. Keep an eye on your iPhone model and iOS version to better understand the messages, and enjoy your iPhone experience worry-free.

If the “Important Message” or “Unknown Part” notification on your iPhone is bothering you, you may consider taking your device to an Apple store for servicing instead of other repair shops. Nevertheless, it’s essential to note that choosing Apple for your repairs could be quite expensive. While a repair facility such as Gophermods would charge you significantly less, Apple’s service fee can reach $500 or even more. Before deciding, consider whether the message is worth spending such a considerable sum of money.

At the end of the day, you need to weigh your options carefully and make a rational choice that fits your needs and budget.