Reviving Your Liquid Damaged Smartphone with Gophermods

At Gophermods, we understand how essential your smartphone is to your daily routines. That's why we offer an exceptional Liquid Damage Repair Service dedicated to bringing your device back to life. However, before you decide, there are a few crucial details about our service we'd like you to know. Unraveling Our Service Charge Our repair service comes with a non-refundable fee of $69. This charge applies no matter the extent of the damage and is kept even if we are unsuccessful in the repair attempt. Understand that this fee isn't just a charge, it's a commitment from our side, covering [...]

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Swollen Battery In Your Phone or Laptop: How to Detect and Prevent

In today's technology-driven world, lithium-ion batteries play a crucial role in powering our smartphones, laptops, and other portable electronic devices. However, with this widespread reliance on these energy sources comes a lesser-known, yet significant, risk: battery swelling. This phenomenon can lead to hazardous situations, device damage, and even explosions. In this article, we will explore the causes of battery swelling, how to detect it, and preventative measures that can be taken to ensure the safety and longevity of your devices. Why do lithium-ion batteries swell? Lithium-ion batteries can swell due to manufacturing defects or user misuse. In case of a [...]

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Understanding the ‘Important Message’ or ‘Unknown Part’ warning on your iPhone

Whether you've just purchased a sleek iPhone from Gophermods or had your existing one repaired, you may suddenly encounter an "Important Message" or "Unknown Part" warning from Apple, indicating an issue with your battery, display, camera, or other components. Additionally, you may have noticed the "Unknown Part" label under the "Parts and Service History" section in Settings. Here's what those messages mean and why you shouldn't worry! These alerts surface when a repair has been done on your iPhone, giving you insights on replaced components like batteries, screens, or cameras. Though only an Apple Genius Bar or Apple Authorized Service [...]

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A Comprehensive Comparison of the Top 3 Refurbished Electronics Marketplaces

Comparing Top Refurbished Electronics Marketplaces In our fast-paced world, we depend on gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and laptops to keep up with our daily lives. The refurbished market, including Apple Certified Refurbished products, is growing rapidly, thanks to the increasing number of consumers who are willing to purchase refurbished electronics. But producing and disposing of these devices can harm the environment. That's where refurbished products come in, helping us reduce our carbon footprint. As smart, eco-friendly shoppers, we can make a difference by choosing refurbished devices. In this article, we'll compare three popular refurbished electronics marketplaces - Backmarket, eBay Certified [...]

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Is Your Smartphone Carrier Unlocked? Here’s How to Check

Guide to Carrier-Unlocked Smartphones If you're considering purchasing a smartphone, it's essential to understand the difference between locked and unlocked phones to find one that best suits your needs and budget. A locked phone is a smartphone bound to a specific carrier, meaning you cannot use it with another cellular network. In contrast, an unlocked phone is not tied to a specific carrier, allowing you to use it with any compatible carrier of your choice. To determine if your phone is carrier-locked or carrier-unlocked, it's helpful to understand the difference between factory unlocked and carrier unlocked phones. Factory Unlocked vs. [...]

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Navigating Apple’s iPhone Repair Service: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the Apple iPhone Repair Process and Your Options Fixing your iPhone at the Apple store can feel confusing, but we're here to help make it easy! In this guide, we'll talk about the different ways to get your iPhone fixed. We'll also explain how long repairs might take and what you should think about when choosing the best option for you. By the end of this guide, you'll know how to make a smart choice for getting your iPhone back in great shape, so you can keep using it without any worries. What iPhone repairs does Apple offer at [...]

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Expert Tech Repair: Trust Gophermods for Exceptional Service

Reliable Repairs, Exceptional Experience Why Gophermods Stands Out Boasting 2,000+ five-star reviews and 14 years of experience, our dedication to exceptional service has solidified our reputation in the tech repair industry. Gophermods outshines large retailers, franchise shops and manufacturers for repairs with convenient locations, swift service, and approachable, knowledgeable staff. Transparent Pricing Policy Gophermods practices open and honest pricing with a price-matching guarantee. If you find another established brick-and-mortar shop within 5 miles of our location, present their posted price on their website, and we'll match it. We're here to answer any inquiries, from identifying the issue to post-repair support. [...]

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Maximize Repair Success: Essential Tips Before You Visit

Must-Know Repair Prep Tips The inevitable has occurred – your precious iPhone, Galaxy S22, iPad Pro, or another device has suffered a mishap. You need to get it repaired, and you've wisely chosen Gophermods (thank you!). To ensure a swift and efficient visit, follow these straightforward tips. Accurately Identify Your Device Seems silly, but I promise you, this is the number one pain point for most customers. You've called and got a quote. Great! You were told parts were in-stock and you are on your way in to have your iPhone repaired in the next hour. You get in the [...]

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How to Obtain Service for your Apple Product After the Warranty Expires

Navigating Apple Support After Warranty Expiration Apple provides good service for their devices as long as you are still in warranty or have AppleCare. However, this becomes less so as your device becomes older. Their warranty only lasts for one year and AppleCare is closer to an insurance product than an extended warranty. This is particularly true if the product has been ruled "vintage" or "obsolete" by Apple, which impacts whether you can get your device repaired by Apple or get new (as opposed to used) parts for it. What is a "Vintage" Apple Product? Apple considers a product to [...]

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Maximizing Your iPhone’s Battery Settings

Extend Your Battery's Lifespan with These Proven Strategies The battery life of your iPhone is one of its most essential features. No matter what you use your iPhone for, it becomes useless if the battery is dead. In the 21st century, we all feel anxiety when we see that charge indicator hit the 20% mark. Our phones will continue to have more features that make our lives easier but hurt battery life, so it is up to us to ensure we do everything we can to extend the time our charge lasts. These tips and tricks will help you extend [...]

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