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All Certified Pre-Owned Devices Now Include a Free 1 Year Warranty (Updated August 2022)

Starting August 1st, 2022 all devices sold at all Gophermods retail locations, as well as our online store, include a standard one-year warranty!


Starting Monday August 1st, 2022, if you purchase a certified pre-owned device from Gophermods, or our online store, you’ll automatically be upgraded to a one-year warranty on your device. Prior to August, any devices included a thirty-day (30) warranty against any device defects.

Some of the feedback we received from our customers was that they would love a little bit more peace of mind.

We were always highly selective of what devices we would offer in our stores. We limited the age of the device previously, and only would put forth a product or device we know we would buy ourselves, or feel comfortable selling to our Granny.

Why the change?

We heard you, our customers! The number one reason in our last customer survey as to why you felt uncomfortable purchasing a used device was, a lack of an extended warranty.

What is covered?

We have a one year warranty on all of the devices we now sell after August 1st, 2022.

If any of the devices were to have a warrantable issue or defect, we will repair or warranty it for free.

As a result of this newer, longer warranty, we’re limiting what we sell. For example, we do not sell any iPhone older than the iPhone 8. So no more iPhone 7, 6s, etc are available to purchase. The same applies to Samsung, and other iPad, MacBook, and models we offer. There is just a certain limit of how far back we can go to guarantee the device we offer you is the best device.

Any devices purchased in July of 2022, you’ll be upgraded as well! So please keep an eye out in your inbox, if you purchased an eligible device, you’ll be receiving a free upgraded warranty as well! Any devices purchased prior to July 2022, are not eligible.

What is a manufacturer defect?

A manufacturer defect is a fault in a part that was not intended by the manufacturer.

For example, purchase an iPhone SE 2020 from us in August of 2022, and the camera stops working in January of 2023, that would be under warranty as long as there are no physical damages!

If you would like an in-and-out detailed article discussing what manufacturer defects are, please read our entire article about the topic!

Ready to Purchase

Visit any local Gophermods location to view our selection of Certified Pre-Owned iPhones, Samsung, iPads, and MacBook.

In July of 2022, we also launched our online store, visit here. Our online store inventory is different from our store inventory, so please feel free to email, call, or stop by to see what the stores are offering.