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Can you repair the 3rd Gen iPhone SE?

If you break your phone, don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be the end of it! Here’s everything you need to know about repairing an iPhone SE.

Can the latest iPhone be repaired?

It’s time once again to revisit the age old question that happens after every iPhone launch.. The iPhone SE 3, introduced in April of 2022 is an excellent phone held back by an old design, small battery and single camera.

Today we will be specifically examining how easily repairable, interchangeable and replaceable certain components are on this device, and seeing how parts compare to the iPhone 8, and the SE 2(2020), with which it shares a common design.

This is good for repairability, because if history repeats itself, it means that many parts are already available, well refined, and affordable.

The iPhone SE 3 replaces the iPhone SE 2 in Apple’s product lineup, and brings with it a price increase from $399 for the SE 2, to $429 for the SE 3.

External Comparison:

We can see that the phone has identical dimensions to the iPhone 8 and SE 2020 in terms of thickness, Z and Y axis.

As a result, the following accessories will work without issue on the SE 2022:

  • Car mounts
  • Dock accessories
  • Cases
  • Screen protectors

Longer life for accessories means less waste, which overall is better for the environment and for your wallet.

As with all iPhones, the new SE also continues to use Lightning, and includes a type C connector for the wall side.

So your existing lightning cables will still work, but if you wanted to use the cable included with your phone, you’ll need a type C power adapter, which more often is going to charge the phone much faster.

iPhone SE 3rd Gen vs. iPhone SE 2nd Gen vs. iPhone 8

Internal Components:

That’s enough about the outside. Now let’s pop the hood and look inside. In this comparison, we will be directly looking at the iPhone SE 2022 vs the iPhone SE 2020.

Opening the iPhone SE devices is an identical procedure, with heat and prying, with the screens lifting and folding off to the right hand side. The screen is secured by two color matched pentalobe screws and adhesive.


At a glance, we see the screens are fundamentally the same.


The first thing we see is the layout internally is nearly identical with the placement of all major components. Fun fact, this iPhone uses recycled aluminum for its entire chassis.

Peripheral Components:

Connectors altogether seem fairly similar, and identical in some instances. For example, the display, charging ports, front and back cameras, and taptic engines (vibration motors) are interchangeable.


Batteries are not interchangeable and use a slightly different connector. Even though the battery fits into the same body, installing the wrong battery into the connector can cause damage to the phone.

iPhone SE 3rd Gen Screen Teardown Repair

The most popular repairs

Screen Repairs:

    • The good news is that the screen repairs shouldn’t be more expensive because they’re almost identical the SE 2020, and the iPhone 8. No significant technology changes.
    • As of May 2022, parts are available.
    • TLDR: Yes, we can replace screens.

Battery Replacements:

    • The battery is slightly different from the 2nd Gen iPhone SE, however, parts will be available soon and there shouldn’t be an issue replacing. Any batteries replacements until March 2023 should be covered under Apple’s standard one-year warranty.
    • TLDR: No major issues, will be replaceable.

Camera Replacements:

    • No major tech changes to that camera that would make this repair any more expensive or challenging.
    • As of May 2022, parts are available
    • TLDR: Will be replaceable—no issue repairing.

Charging / Docking Ports:

    • It will be replaceable—no issue repairing.

Back Housing / Glass:

    • TLDR: Will be replaceable—no issue replacing.

Will you be able to repair the iPhone 3rd Gen SE?

Throughout my time with the phones side by side, it became very clear to me that this phone was made with efficiency and value in mind. If there’s an unnecessary feature in the phone, get rid of it. If there’s an extra camera, leave it out. If there’s a part that worked great in the previous iPhone, let’s keep it and make it better.

While the iPhone SE may have an older design, the fact that so many of these parts are available, right now, interchangeable with older phones, and are less expensive, makes this a very compelling phone for someone who wants to keep their devices for as long as possible.

The overall repairability, combined with the competitive price, and the fast performance make this an excellent phone to recommend to people who want a phone that “just works”: a no frills iPhone experience that nails the essentials, and nothing else.

We should be sending plenty of iPhone SE 3rd Gens in our stores this year.

The iPhone SE 3, for better or worse, is just an upgraded iPhone SE 2. In 2020, according to our repair system, we had our first request for an iPhone SE 2020 repair in May, (just thirty days after launch).

When will you be able to repair the iPhone SE 3rd Gen?

Today, we are already capable of repairing the iPhone SE3rd Gen.

We have done a few screen replacements already without issue. Unlike models like the iPhone 13 series, the SE series typically is a smaller tech refresh, and as a result, inventory or hardware is readily available.

Most repair shops now have access to iPhone SE 3rd Gen inventory and are capable of servicing any broken screens, cameras, docking ports, etc.

Unless you have any physical damage, any other issues with your device should still be covered under Apple’s one-year warranty. We’re always straight-forward and honest, and we’d rather you see something get replaced under warranty for free if you can.

So if you have a problem, and there are no significant scratches, damages, or gouges, have it replaced at Apple.

Estimated repair pricing for the iPhone SE 3(2022):

  • iPhone SE 3 Screen Replacement: $99
  • iPhone SE 3 Back Camera Glass: $89
  • iPhone SE 3 Rear Camera: $99 (any issues should still be under warranty, unless physically damaged)
  • iPhone SE 3 Rear Glass Housing: $199
  • iPhone SE 3 Battery: $69 (You shouldn’t need this for a few years)
  • iPhone SE 3 Docking / Charging Port: $99 (any issues should still be under warranty, unless physically damaged)

For almost ten years, we’ve been providing iPhone repair services to the community. We have a good record of anticipating future costs of repairs and what we will be able to service.

What can you repair on the iPhone SE 3rdGen?

Since the iPhone SE 3rd Gen is just like it’s older brother or sister, the 2nd Gen, we will be able to service all issues ranging from screens, bad batteries, damaged docking ports, broken cameras to cracked rear camera glass.

How much will an iPhone SE 3rd Gen repair cost at Apple?

Apple’s current repair pricing for the iPhone SE 3rd Gen screen is $129.

Break something other than the screen, and then you’re in big trouble. Apple’s current repair pricing for the screen is $129, but if you break the camera, back glass, docking port, rear camera glass, or any peripheral that you can think of, you’ll be shelling out at least $299.

If Apple doesn’t cover it under warranty, which they won’t, any physical damages are not covered.

Not the best price considering you can purchase the 64Gb iPhone SE 3rd Gen for $429. The Apple store really isn’t a great cost effective service for anything other than the screen replacement.

Michaels Tip: We buy broken devices! Perhaps you busted your 3rd Gen SE already, and didn’t like, at Gophermods we buy iPhones in any conditions.

How much will it cost with the new Apple Self-Service Repair Program?

Starting in April 2022, US iPhone owners can also buy replacement parts and tools directly from Apple. Apple says the program is a way to “provide easy access to genuine Apple parts and supplies for local iPhone repair,” but limits customers’ repair and refurbishing options.

Additional Reading: What Are Apple’s New Self-Repair Kits All About?

If you purchase the parts, and rent the tools, you can DIY your repair for $147.04.

iPhone SE (3rd Gen) Repair Costs at Apple Store

iPhone SE (3rd Gen) Screen Repair Costs at Apple Store

iPhone Lock Screen Warning

Since the iPhone 11 series, any replacement screen will display to customers a warning on the device after any third-party repair facility installs a display after screen replacement.

No longer applicable for the iPhone SE 3!

Currently the iPhone SE 3 does not have any sort of screen repair warnings from Apple for screen repairs. The phone will however notify you if the battery has been switched out. This is nothing to worry about, and is simply a tool that Apple is using to try and drive traffic to their service centers instead of more consumer friendly shops like us.

Apple would like you to believe that only their certified technicians are capable of removing the display and replacing it, which is simply not true. Gophermods has successfully repaired over 100,000 iPhone since the first very iPhone 1st gen that was launched in 2007. We have plenty of reviews to back that up, and you can learn more about our history on our about us page.

I broke my iPhone SE 3rd Gen already, can you help me!

If you’re in urgent care of the repair, please visit any local Gophermods and we should be able to service your broken iPhone.