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Maximize Repair Success: Essential Tips Before You Visit

Before bringing your device for repair, please read these essential tips for a seamless experience, ensuring faster service and top-notch results.

Updated: March 19th, 2023

Maximize Repair Success: Essential Tips Before You Visit

Must-Know Repair Prep Tips

The inevitable has occurred – your precious iPhone, Galaxy S22, iPad Pro, or another device has suffered a mishap. You need to get it repaired, and you’ve wisely chosen Gophermods (thank you!).

To ensure a swift and efficient visit, follow these straightforward tips.

Accurately Identify Your Device

Seems silly, but I promise you, this is the number one pain point for most customers.

You’ve called and got a quote.


You were told parts were in-stock and you are on your way in to have your iPhone repaired in the next hour.

You get in the store and greeted by our staff. You show your phone and BAM you’re given a different quote than what you were told via email, phone or looked at on the website.

Wait what happened, did these Gophers just drag me down into their layer? 

No. Probably not, we do make mistakes too and it’s okay. That’s again why we’re writing this guide.

Determining the exact model of your device is crucial for obtaining the correct replacement parts and performing an accurate repair. It can be challenging, especially if it’s damaged, inoperable, or aged.

Important: If you tell us you have an “iPhone 13” we will quote you for an iPhone 13. Not a iPhone 13 Mini, 13 Pro, or 13 Pro Max and the costs can be substantiality different. We do our best to always clarify, but sometimes we miss that follow-up question, “Which iPhone 13 do you have”?

  • iPhones: Locate the model number in settings or on the SIM tray if the phone is broken.
  • Samsung Galaxy and other Android devices: Find the model number on the phone’s lower back or near the charging port.
  • Laptops: Inspect the bottom panel for a serial number, model number, or service tag number. Note the brand logo on the lid as well.
  • Color / Models Matter: Providing the precise model and color of your device streamlines the check-in process, as certain colors may affect the availability of parts.

Keep Your Contact Information Updated

Providing accurate contact information ensures seamless communication throughout the repair process, keeping you informed about the progress of your device.

We will call you first and follow up with an email containing repair updates. Accurate contact information averts repair delays and guarantees you receive a receipt for warranty, return, or exchange purposes. Please don’t provide us your spam or the phone number of the device you leave with us.

Fully Charge Your Device

A charged device enables our technicians to work efficiently, reducing the time spent waiting for the device to power up. It helps with pre-repair and post-repair checklists, allowing us to initiate the repair immediately and verify the devices functionality once the part is installed.

Have Your Device Pin / Passcode Ready

We require your passcode to perform a comprehensive pre-repair inspection and post-repair verification, ensuring the repair has the desired outcome.

Our technicians never access personal data and adhere to a strict privacy policy.

If you cannot share it, please still have it handy because we will have you test the phone and go through the 23 step checklist to verify it is working and we will do this again at checkout.

If your device belongs to an organization, be prepared to enter the passcode and complete pre-repair checks with the technician. For laptops, consider creating a non-administrator account for testing purposes without compromising your primary account’s data.

Securely Backup Your Data

Backing up your data protects your valuable information from potential data loss during the repair process.

Although we hope you won’t need it, it’s prudent to back up your data to iCloud or Google. This offers additional peace of mind, knowing your cherished memories are safe.

Bonus Tip: Prepare for a Smooth Upgrade

Following these steps also facilitates quick data transfers and ensures you receive the best value for your trade-in when upgrading your device. These tips have been refined over 10 years of experience and invaluable customer feedback.

Thank you for helping us enhance your service!